Teaching Kids How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide to Fishing For Kids

Essential Fishing Gear for Kids

Essential Fishing Gear for Kids

To initiate a kid to fishing, there is no need to overdo it. Don’t overload the kid with cool equipment just because it looks nice. Keep it simple, you can always upgrade the kid’s fishing gear later, once their interest in fishing is confirmed.

Fishing rod and reel for kids

Pick a light rod to enable your kid to throw the bait for a reasonable distance without being too bulky.

For the reel, choose one with a button. That makes it easier for the kid to manipulate the rod without the extra spinning maneuvers.

Fish hooks for kids

Pick a simple hook and pair it with a fun, colorful lure.

Nice-to-have fishing extras for kids

There are a few optional items you can add to your kid’s fishing equipment to make their trip special.

For starters, a fishing case to keep all their gear in. Let your kid pick the color and shape they want. That will help them take ownership over the material, and hopefully encourage them to handle it with care.

A small compass will also be nice to have to teach your kid about directions.

A pair of fun gloves to hold the slippery fish when it’s possible.