Teaching Kids How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide to Fishing For Kids

Safety Precautions For Your Kid’s First Fishing Trip

Safety Precautions For Your Kid’s First Fishing Trip

First of all, let your family know the exact location you’ll be fishing at.

Next, equip yourself with the following items:

Safety jacket

Make your kid wear a safety jacket even if you’re fishing in shallow waters. This sets a good example early on. Put on your jacket too; kids learn a lot more by copying their parents. 

Water-resistant sunscreen

Put sunscreen on your kid every two hours at least. Sunburns are a lot more likely while fishing because water reflects between 25 and 80 percent of UV rays.

Bug repellent

Biting insects find kids to be easy targets. Protect your kids by spraying them with a good bug repellent. Pick your product carefully though, not all are suitable for kids. 

Polarized sunglasses

Sun exposure combined with hook use, you can understandably be worried about having your kids’ eyes hurt. An easy fix for both is polarized sunglasses.

Weather-appropriate clothes

Check the weather before you embark on your fishing trip and dress your kid accordingly. Aim for protecting your kid from the cold, the heat, the sun, the wind, and insects. Take an extra set of clothes with you to be safe. 

And don’t forget a fisherman cap for a full fishing experience, and to increase protection from the sun. Your kid will love it!

First-aid kit

Where kids and hooks are involved, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Single hooks are suitable for first fishing experiences.

These things, however, are potential accident hazards, so they should be easy to remove when the need arises. Try to flatten the barb on your child's hook, and on yours too if you’re fishing. 

Otherwise, use barbless hooks - they are easier to remove from the fish without harming them.


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