Teaching Kids How to Fish: The Ultimate Guide to Fishing For Kids

What Can Possibly Go Wrong When You Take Your Kid Fishing?

What Can Possibly Go Wrong When You Take Your Kid Fishing

Despite being a pleasant activity, fishing still has its fair share of challenges and potential pitfalls.

Lacking preparation

Having a basic checklist for the trip should be enough, but things might still go wrong.

To reduce this risk, test your fishing gear before you leave the house, and go through the day’s plan with your kid to manage their expectations.

Having high expectations

You would be setting yourself and your kid up for a big disappointment if you oversell this first fishing experience beforehand.

Your kid might get increasingly irritated as the trip doesn’t turn out to be as they imagined it in their minds. It’s crucial to downplay this first experience and not make it about catching a massive fish.

Spending too much time on fishing

This is just an initiation. Think of it as a trial fishing trip. So don’t plan a whole day of fishing. Rather plan and prepare yourselves for 2 hours (i.e. take snacks), but wrap it after 30 minutes if you see signs of irritation or distraction on your kid. 

Not having a backup plan

Fishing is not for everyone. You may find out that your kid is not capable, or fond, of sitting for an extended period of time despite the promising reward of a great catch. It’s important, thus, to have a backup plan or another activity in mind.